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Insurance Broker

Efficient, easily accessible and consistent quoting across their broker network was proving a challenge for this Optalitix client. The underwriting and modelling was largely Excel based and as a result calculations and changes to underwriting could only be carried out by one person at a time. This process was expensive and inhibited scale.

Acumen created a solution with which brokers could integrate, converting the Excel spreadsheets into online quote forms allowing for scalability and agility.

In a short time, the broker was processing over 500 quotes a month via Acumens web-based interface adding over £3m of new business a year.

Private Doctor Surgery

Missed appointments were proving a headache for this London based Doctors clinic. Not only were they a waste of time but each missed appointment negatively impacted on revenues and financial performance of the business.

Predicting which potential patients had the greatest likelihood for non-attendance in order to contact them in advance with a tailored appropriate message would significantly reduce patient drop off.

Acumen's AI capabilities were able to undertake this predictive exercise as well as create a personalized communications process ensuring not only better attendance but more informed patient visits.


An effective, universally accessible affordability calculator was required by a bank to simplify mortgage calculations for underwriters and brokers. The bank needed to move away from a spreadsheet-based process that was low on regulatory compliance and control whilst at the same time was difficult to monitor and audit.

Acumen hosted the calculation model on web portal and developed a client facing dashboard that enabled the bank to keep track, monitor and audit all applications.

The portal now processes over 1,000 mortgage applications per month with a total value exceeding £50m. This business is carried out with the confidence of knowing that the underwriting modelling and processing can be carried out in a consistent, accurate and compliant manner.

Price Comparison Site

The identification of potential customers that might want to switch energy provider was required by a well-known consumer price comparison web site. The information and data on these potential customers was limited, making identification of savings challenging.

The limited data available was shared with Acumen and merged via Acumen AI with existing insight on current tariffs, best tariffs and likely switch dates. This contributed to the development of a more informed and targeted marketing communications exercise as the customer was able to pinpoint those more likely to save by switching and could tailor energy quotes and messaging accordingly.

Acumen has contributed to the rapid development of the energy comparison platform due to Acumen's rapid prototyping capability.


Who should be using Acumen?

Spreadsheet users, data scientists and developers who want other people or systems to use their models.

How long does it take to build an API from a spreadsheet

Once the input sheet is setup, it's instant.

How can I see if my model is working?

We publish dashboards that track API activity and show key measures to track the use and health of your API.

How long does it take to update a model?

Again, this is instant – make the changes to your spreadsheet model, save them, and then upload the model to Acumen and it is instantly available.

How do I troubleshoot my models?

Each API call can be replicated in the spreadsheet model, and any issues tracked in the spreadsheet itself. We also provide helpful messages to troubleshoot any issues.

Can I test out Acumen before using it?

Yes, a free version of the Acumen is available by signing up online.

What if I want to upload a Python or R model?

Acumen has modules allowing Python or R models to be deployed as well.

Can I create UAT and production end points for my models?

Yes, multiple end points can be created for models, and the models can be promoted from UAT to Live with audit tracking of the changes.

Can I create a web form to test my API?

Yes, the web form is automatically generated from the API inputs and outputs and allows you to test it.

Can I create a web form for external parties to use my API?

Yes, a web form can be created from a series of templates which can then be published and used as an i-frame by other applications.

How many API calls can I make per month?

This depends on the plan purchased. Speak to us for advice on the number of API calls expected.

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